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January 1, 2016

New Year, New Life, New Opportunities {2016}

Happy 2016, everyone!

2015 was a bit rough.  Highlighting the life changing events would look something like this: I had a major job change, was accepted into graduate school, had a hysterectomy, and found out I have an aggressive form of melanoma that typically spreads to the lungs, brain, and small intestine.  Luckily, my cancer was discovered very, very early on, and my surgical oncologist was able remove it all during surgery.

Two surgeries within a three month span of time took huge toll on my overall emotional and physical health.  I had a novel-long blog post written about it all, and I decided to delete it simply because I am sick and tired of dwelling on it all.  Due to the two surgeries, I remained fairly inactive for many months.  Unfortunately, I gained back 15 of the 80 I worked so hard to lose all those years ago.  With that being said, I am using the new year to re-energize myself.  I need it.  About a month ago, I was able to begin running again.  Thank goodness for that!  I've decided to train for a half marathon to celebrate starting over with my life.

Here's to a fresh start.

Here's to new phase of life.

Here's to living life cancer-free.

Here's to heading back to college full time in less than two weeks. {Eeeeek!}

I kicked off the year with a New Year's Eve run and a New Year's Day super healthy egg white taco omelette (with some not-so-healthy bacon).  The omelette contained egg white, turkey breast taco meat leftovers, salsa, light sour cream, reduced fat cheese, and avocado.  I could only manage to eat half of it.  Guess what's for breakfast on January 2, 2016?  If you said leftovers, you are correct.  :)

Here's to a healthier, easier, more pleasant new year!